Sailing and canoeing on the River Thames in Kingston


Welcome back!

Following the end of the ‘November lockdown’, Minima Yacht Club is pleased to welcome all members back to the club from Wednesday 2 December!


Sailing recommences with the extended Saturday Pursuit Series, first group start not before 11am Saturday 5 December 2020.

Please read the updated Standard Operating Procedures linked below and watch the WhatsApp group for any updates.


Paddling in informal groups of up to six people, socially distanced, has recommenced.

Please read the updated Standard Operating Procedures linked below and watch the Google Group for updates.


The bar is open for limited numbers of members for evening meals on Wednesdays only. Please watch your email for further details.

Know your limits and stay within them

Be aware that river conditions in December can be brutal with water temperature around 5°C and often a fast-flowing stream. Make sure you have appropriate clothing and personal buoyancy and that you are are confident in your experience, training and eqipment, bearing in mind that conditions can change quickly. Understand the dangers of cold water shock, and remember: IF IN DOUBT, DON'T GO OUT

Cold water shock

Cold water shock causes the blood vessels in the skin to close, which increases the resistance of blood flow. Heart rate is also increased. As a result the heart has to work harder and your blood pressure goes up. Cold water shock can therefore cause heart attacks, even in the relatively young and healthy.

The sudden cooling of the skin by cold water also causes an involuntary gasp for breath. Breathing rates can change uncontrollably, sometimes increasing as much as tenfold. All these responses contribute to a feeling of panic, increasing the chance of inhaling water directly into the lungs.

Read more about cold water shock on the RYA and RNLI websites.



Latest news

COVID-19 November lockdown

Following the regulations implemented this week, the Club House, Minima’s boat park, slipways and landing stages are closed to members until 2nd December.

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COVID-19 August update

We have been racing on Sundays during August, and social sailing and kayaking on the river individually and in small groups continues within ‘the guidelines’. 

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Regatta 2020

Updated 7.20pm Friday 4 September 2020 The Minima Yacht Club Annual Regatta is now less than 18 hours away!

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We are currently social Sailing and Kayaking on the river individually and in small groups within ‘the guidelines’.  We are hoping to open the bar

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Updated web site

After 10 years of service we have retired the old website and have moved to a shiny new platform.  There’s still a bit of cleaning

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