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At Minima the most popular single-handed dinghy is the Solo. The Solo was designed in 1956 by Jack Holt who lived by the Thames. It is a single-handed boat with a fully battened sail. Originally constructed in wood it is now available in modern materials requiring much less maintenance. A big plus is that single-handed sailing is convenient if you don’t want to recruit and organise a crew indeed some at Minima sail a Solo in addition to a two-handed boat on those occasions when their crew can’t make a race start.

However the main reason for the Solo’s continued popularity has to be that it is the still the most comfortable and attractive single-handed dinghy available for a wide range of sailors both in weight and age. It is competitive for racing inland and on inshore waters. Solos are raced as a class at Minima on Sunday afternoons as well as in the pursuit racing on Saturdays and the handicap series on Wednesday evenings. There are also special trophy events held regularly throughout the year.

To find out more about this popular class see the National Solo Association website.