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With its blue sails the Enterprise is a distinctive sight on the Thames at Kingston. This two handed dinghy is a one-design class meaning that all boats are identical within the class rules. The original aim of providing a boat that was affordable and competitive is as true today as when Jack Holt conceived it over 50 years ago.  It offers a combination of size, weight, and power which appeals to all ages in many countries. The very first Enterprises were sailed to Calais for Dover to advertise the class and it was the very first UK dinghy to be sponsored by a newspaper (the second being the Mirror dinghy).

Today Minima has a competitive fleet of Enterprises who warmly welcome newcomers. They readily proffer advice on sail trim and tuning as well as hosting an annual supper together with the Solo and Handicap classes.  The class also takes part in several annual team racing events against one or more local clubs including the Firkin Trophy. The prize for this last event is an actual firkin of beer kindly supplied by Fullers Brewery and is competed for by Minima and Twickenham yacht clubs.

The National Enterprise Association organise many open events in the South-East throughout the year and Minima is often successfully represented.  We host one of these in alternate years providing all the club’s Enterprise sailors with the opportunity of competing against the regions best.