The New Minima Website is here!

posted 9 Feb 2010, 10:31 by Graham Morley   [ updated 18 Apr 2010, 07:00 ]
Hi Folks,

Welcome to the new Minima Website!

Building on from an excellent foundation, we hope you'll find this a place to find out more about the club and stay in-touch with what's happening.

Here are some of the highlights:

Announcements - Hopefully this page will build throughout the year as a place to let all members know whats going on. If you have a major announcement that you like to be added, please just drop me a line (see below).

Events Calendar - This should now have all the sailing dates and events for the 2010 season. Shortly after the AGM, once the dates are agreed, we'll be adding the social events. So keep checking back to make sure you know what's happening and when.

There will always be a summary of both the Announcements and Events on the front page, so it will be a quick reference for what's happening.

For anything relating to the website, please just email me at: This can be anything from incorrect information, typos, old content which should be removed, or more importantly, new content that you'd like to see added.

The website completely depends on contribution from you, the members. So please keep the suggestions coming.