Diver in the Water!

posted 16 Sep 2014, 00:15 by Sailing Secretary   [ updated 16 Sep 2014, 04:22 ]
The Club was very fortunate to be able call upon the services of Sean Edwards, Director of the 'Sunken Dreams Diving Academy' to carry out an underwater survey of the Club moorings after sailing on Sunday. Sean is the son of club member Valerie Edwards and nephew of Vice Commodore, David Cane.

Not so much 'sunken dreams, more like 'sunken junk' on this assignment. See Bosun's report below. Sean's normal assignments are much more glamorous - check out the photos on  the Sunken Dreams website:

Bosun's Report

A wheelie bin, two shopping trollies, several fishing rods and a tin bath - these were some of the items found by professional diver, Sean Edwards when he inspected the moorings for our two launches. Members may recall that two months ago, the downstream mooring became detached from its anchorage.  Ron Sexton made a temporary repair but, with the onset of winter and possible floods, it was important to check the all moorings thoroughly. 

 Fortunately, the 35 metre lengths of ground chains are in excellent condition. With a few minor repairs, the chain risers should be good for another ten to twenty tears.

 Sean replaced a couple of shackles and will return soon to complete the repairs.

Brian Cheetham