Spring 2014 Racing Round Up

posted 12 Jun 2014, 10:13 by Sailing Secretary   [ updated 17 Jun 2014, 01:04 ]

May Merrie – 12 May

For the Club’s first open meeting of the year, the May Merrie was a long distance event, in lieu of a separate spring long distance in a busy spring 2014 calendar. See Race Results page for full details. As usual, it was long hard work, large tall sails had the general advantage, and four of the eleven entrants did not finish. We had a small crop of visitors from Thames SC, taking 1st, 3rd and 4th places in Merlin Rockets and the Thames A Rater Osprey. Sel Shah and Ben Marshall sailing under the  Minima flag took 2nd place in Ben’s Merlin Rocket, 1189 Pooh.

 Spires Trophy – 25 May

The first of our spring bank holiday weekend events took place in almost ideal sailing conditions. There was lots of warm sunshine and a good southerly breeze, but being a holiday weekend the turnout was limited. As can be seen from the grinning faces (see photos), the sailing was highly enjoyable, and I can vouch that it was entertaining to watch. The winners were Alex and David Cane, in Enterprise (with a change of sails, numbered 21439) Alanah, and in second place was Ali Banks sailing his Solo 2581 Windrush.
For more photos of the Spires Trophy event, go to Andy Cuckson's Album on the NEW Minima YC FlickR site:


 Flemmich Bowl – 26 May

This pursuit racing trophy event was again poorly attended but strongly fought, in much lighter breezes, cooler weather and more stream than the previous day. There were only three entrants – Andy Banks sailing Solo 4079 Louisa (lately owned by John Metzner), Richard Shillito and Keith Black in John Forbes’ old Enterprise 18937 Bald Eagle II, and David and Alex Cane in E21439 Alanah. Only one prize could be awarded for a three boat race, the Bowl and engraved glasses going to David and Alex for a win decided in the final few yards of racing.

 Sunday Class Racing Series – 1 June

With practically all Minima’s regular Sunday sailors being elsewhere, officers of the day Steph Strickland and Roger Hill were half expecting nobody to show up to race. But we did have Ed Mayley in his Topper, who unfortunately couldn’t find enough breeze to start, and Allan Blair with Hazel Williams sailing his Merlin Sheer Magic between our novices in training. Seemingly the Middlesex bank had the better airs, so Race Officer Steph set a short Aport-Cport course. By the time Allan started, the Club bank was better. Reaching a point some yards upstream before cutting across, the A-mark needed to be deftly rounded in almost a complete turn, downstream side to upstream side. It looked almost like ballet.

 Below the C-mark the boat slipped gently downstream, and in the race box we were hoping they wouldn’t get the paddle out. Then when some forty five minutes had elapsed, a slight breeze started up, the ‘shorten course’ flag was hurriedly rung out, and the determined sailors got the finish bell for their single lap and a well deserved point for all the hard work. I tell you, it looked good to us.

 Solo and Enterprise Classes Open Meeting, Twickenham – 1 June

All Minima’s boats were put to bed in Twickenham YC’s dinghy park after the Firkin Trophy meeting (see separate report), and five of them were entered in this Ent and Solo Open event on Sunday 1 June. Congratulations to Alex and David Cane, sailing Alanah, for taking third prize in the Enterprise Open against stiff competition, and to all our other sailors for making such a good away turnout for Minima YC. It was a busy weekend! 

By Andy Cuckson (photos by the author and Andy Banks)