Solo and Enterprise Opens 17/18 May 2015

posted 18 May 2015, 03:47 by Sailing Secretary

A westerly is always tricky on Minima’s north-south bit of Thames, but this weekend’s wind really excelled itself.

With gusts from around force 2 to maybe 4 swirling over and around the trees which line the west bank, and bouncing off anything solid on the eastern side, including even other boats’ sails the result was a breeze which was consistently strong enough to entertain but inconsistently variable enough to drive helms and crews mad, producing some big swings in placings from lap to lap and race to race.

The result was mixed fortunes for the home team. In the Solo open on Sunday visiting helms took the honours, with Godfrey Clark from far away Fisher’s Green SC, Waltham Abbey, taking three straight wins to secure the silverware. Nick Titley, from Twickenham narrowly took second on a tie break from Minima’s John Wilkey.

In the Enterprise portion of this combined event Minima dominated, with Steve and Kathy Collins returning to the class from assorted bigger boats in their customary place at the front, followed by Alex and David Cane. Visitor Chris Rowsell from Lensbury could do no better than a single third, after a torrid time wrestling with the unsettled conditions.

On the Saturday Minima were more consistent, regaining the Firkin Trophy from their old rivals Twickenham with a comprehensive 4-0 trouncing, which possibly explains a certain lack of Twickenham competitors at the next day’s opens. However, as always, the eponymous firkin of Fullers’ finest London Pride, went down a treat, with the compliments of the brewery, and some of Twickenham’s older hands enjoyed a look through Minima’s photo albums trying to establish in what boats the Firkin was first sailed back in 1938. Answers on a postcard please.

Results (Minima unless stated): Enterprise Open, (in Thames Valley Bowl series) 1 Almaviva, Steve and Kathy Collins. 2 Alanah, Alex and David Cane. Solo Open (in Thames Valley Series) 1 Pebbles, Godfrey Clark(Fisher’s Green). 2 Panther, Nick Titley (Twickenham). Firkin Trophy winner: Minima Yacht Club