New Members' & Family Induction Days (27th April & 4th May 2014)

posted 13 May 2014, 04:01 by Oli Howson   [ updated 17 May 2014, 13:40 ]
On recent Sunday afternoons, the Club has staged induction days for 2013 and 2014’s new members, run by Rear Commodore Kathy Collins and Sailing Secretary Steve Collins. On 27 April the stream was too strong for beginners to attempt sailing, so the families were taken out in canoes and kayaks for the first time. One new young member continued the afternoon first by crewing for Commodore Andy Banks in his Enterprise, then having some motor launch training with the day’s bosun Denis Lockwood.


On 4 May the stream was a little less strong, but new members turned out only for kayaking and canoeing. These were all adult newcomers, and asked all sorts of pertinent questions, like ‘Is the two-seater canoe stable?’ Kathy was happy to tell them that it had never been capsized – yet! The party, including Canoeing Secretary Jonathan Lake-Thomas, made the not too strenuous trip to Thames Ditton island and back.

By Andy Cuckson, all photos by the author.