Minima Paddlers Shoot the Weir at Teddington

posted 30 Sep 2015, 12:21 by Sailing Secretary   [ updated 30 Sep 2015, 12:27 ]
Intrepid paddlers, Kathy and Steve, canoed over the weir at 16:30 hours on 29 September 2015. However, they were careful to choose the highest tide for 17 years to do so, with the water backing up over the weir and Teddington lock opened to allow free flow of water through it. The picures below show.
1. Approaching the weir from the upstream side
2. Looking back from the 'downstream' side (towards Kingston)  with the water flowing the wrong way over the weir
3. The rollers on the 'portage' which were almost level
4. Looking back towards Kingston with the water free flowing through the lock.