Minima Open Day - 2010

posted 9 May 2010, 13:20 by Domain Admin   [ updated 9 May 2010, 13:48 by Graham Morley ]
After a little bit of a grey morning, the Minima Open Day got off to a flying start.  Pete was hard at work from the off in Smirnoff Blue (can't you tell..?)

With Denise and Eileen meeting and greeting potential new members at the Club House, Graham and Phil took interested parties over to Middlesex bank to get into their craft of choice. It was fantastic to see members of the public (and existing members) trying out dinghies, canoes and kayaks all at the same time.

Steve, Andy, Ben, Warren and others did stirling work in giving people a taste of the sailing experience. Whilst Kathy, Mark, Debbie and Rob were showing people the other side of Minima in varying types of paddling craft.

Big thanks to everyone involved in the day. But special thanks to Erica for pulling all the people together and keeping us in-check throughout the day.

And remember, the day doesn't end today. If anyone out there is interested in finding out more about Minima or just how to enjoy the river a bit more. Then please get in-touch or pop down and we'll all be happy to help out.

(Keep an eye on the Gallery pages over the next few weeks and we'll try to pull together some more of the photos)