Minima Enterprises at Hampton

posted 15 Sep 2014, 23:56 by Sailing Secretary
Three of Minima's Enterprises headed upriver to Hampton Sailing Club for their Enterprise Open on September 14th and had a fantastic day’s sailing, without getting close to winning any prizes.

There was a strong easterly and although there were a few capsizes in the 14 competitors, it was generally a good straightforward breeze, straight up and down their reach, strong enough to kick up a few white horses in the last race.

Hampton made us extremely welcome, but we were just outclassed in a fleet which seemed to consist mostly of newer boats crewed by infants, apart from über veterans Hampton Enterprise class captain Phil Chambers and the winner David Beaney, who have been winning Enterprise opens since time immemorial. Alex Cane and Scott Plenderleith did well to come 8th overall, and Richard Shillito, crewed by Keith Black got a far-from disgraceful 10th. We will draw a veil over the Minima captain’s performance (oh all right, 13th, but I only sailed two races).

It was not our day, but this is the second open the Enterprise team have attended this year – we did better at Twickenham in more Minima-like conditions. With experience we will improve and the way to get it is to get out there and find out how the other clubs sail. They are certainly very pleased to see us and hopefully will return the favour. It was exciting to be part of a much larger fleet, and to travel upriver through Molesey lock into very different waters on Hampton’s beautiful open reach. It was also interesting to hear Phil Chambers’ briefing, with its stress on friendly sailing in a fleet with a lot of inexperienced crews, something we should definitely follow.

But for now it is off to the internet to look up the tuning guides for Ents.

1 David Beaney/Sarah Hirst-Millen, Castaways SC
2  Chris Rowsell/Teresa Burton, Lensbury Club
3 Phil Chambers/ Timmy Parker, Hampton SC
8 Alex Cane/Scott Plenderleith, Minima YC 
10 Richard Shillito/Keith Black, Minima YC
13 John Forbes/Theo Burn, Minima YC

It was a long tow home in the chilly evening breeze, and we were jolly 
pleased to see the cosy glow of Minima's clubhouse lights.