Human Race Team Building - August 2013

posted 19 Aug 2013, 11:54 by Graham Morley   [ updated 19 Aug 2013, 11:55 ]
Human Race team building party at Minima - 8 August 2013

On Sunday 21 July, as it did in 2012 (see , Minima Yacht Club co-operated with Human Race, the mass participation events company, in the staging of their open water swim from Hampton Court to Kingston. The club made its dinghy park landing stage available as a finishing point for the
swimmers, who could swim directly onto the slipway. Many kayakers, including club member Anne Mayley, were posted along the river to give water-borne resting places for exhausted swimmers. For the safety of the swimmers and others, Minima also provided a launch manned by Steve Collins.

Following the swim, and on invitation from the club, Human Race staged a team building event at Minima. Staff attending spent an hour on the river, having a taste of either sailing in the two Argo dinghies or kayaking. The kayaking party was supervised by Kathy Collins assisted by Anne Mayley and Keith Black, while the Argos were helmed by Steve Collins and John Wilkey. The safety launch was manned by David Cane.

It was a hot summer evening with an ideal breeze for taking out novice sailors, and the Argos sailed easily well upstream past the Riverside Café. In the kayaking party, one of the visitors got into trouble and capsized by Turks Pier. He was kept safe by his buoyancy aid among the other paddlers, while Anne and Keith performed a T-rescue – to empty his kayak of water and get him safely back in it – guided by Kathy. By this, all present were able to see the benefit of the good safety training delivered to our paddling members by the club. Events were just visible from the club balcony too.

Their hour was up at eight o’clock, and a few of the party stayed behind for drinks at the bar, hosted by Denise Norman. The visitors thanked Commodore Andy Banks and other club members present for staging the event.

A few snaps were taken, including these by John Wilkey – one interestingly shows an Argo which got adrift from the landing stage after the sailors returned! It was quickly rescued.

By Andy Cuckson
(Photos by John Wilkey)