High River - 2012

posted 30 Dec 2012, 01:07 by Graham Morley   [ updated 30 Dec 2012, 07:26 ]
For those of you who haven't been able to get down to the club in the last few weeks, I though it would be good to show just how high the river level has become.

I've been following Andy and Stuart's messages over Christmas and thought that I should try to pop down and capture it in pictures.

These photos were taken on Saturday 29th, so the level had already subsided a little since Christmas, but it should still be good to look back next summer and see the difference!

What a difference a few hours can make! The first photo was taken at 10:45 and the second 14:45.

Here's the Minima landing stage, taken at similar times as above. The level in the second photo would be perfect for the kayakers to make an easy (if slightly wet) exit!

Here's Ravens Ait. Not much further to go before it starts to disappear under the stream.

So let's hope the level doesn't get much higher and consider ourselves very lucky that we haven't suffered from the heavy rains this year.