"Dracula - The Panto" - 30 November 2013

posted 7 Dec 2013, 03:03 by Graham Morley
A packed club room at Minima, laid out theatre-style, greeted our guest players Pat Abernethy and Dave Marsden in this hilarious one act pantomime-style skit on the Bram Stoker novel. It featured some of the original characters by name – Jonathan Harker, a newly qualified English solicitor, Lucy (Westenra) and the insane Renfield, as well as Count Dracula himself of course – but any other resemblance to the Gothic horror tale was purely coincidental!

Canapés and, in a nod to the old days of theatre and cinema, choc-ices were served by our charming Usherette Kathy Collins. Then the players made their entrance. They kept the audience in stitches for an hour and twenty minutes with a corny script and vaguely familiar songs, multiple costume changes including drag, a variety of silly props including squeaking rubber bats, sound effects, quick-fire ad-libs and of course audience participation (“It’s behind you!” etc.). And all delivered in a tiny space outside the door of the Snug, which doubled as their dressing room. 

At the end, an enthusiastic curtain call brought the players onto the floor again, and after a quick rearrangement of furniture a varied late evening buffet supper was served.

The evening was a wonderful pre-Christmas treat, and we must thank Angela and Brian Cheetham for introducing performers Pat and Dave to us – such a brilliant idea – and being the “movers and shakers” making it happen. The evening was a credit to them and the Social Committee, who made sure everything went without a hitch and provided the sumptuous catering.

Your intrepid roving theatre critic,

Andy Cuckson

(Photos by the author)

  • Photo 1 (Top Left) - Count Dracula
  • Photo 2 (Top Right) - Jonathan Harker at the organ 
  • Photo 3 (Bottom Left) - The players ad-lib a pose for the camera and get another belly laugh
  • Photo 4 (Bottom Right) - Our cute Usherette serving choc-ices