Canoe Adventure to Richmond (and back)

posted 22 Nov 2015, 08:12 by Domain Admin   [ updated 22 Nov 2015, 08:55 ]
Eight paddlers from both Minima and Surrey Canoe Club set off early (ish) on an unusually mild November morning for our final adventure of the year. Our aim was to head downstream. Some of us were not too experienced on the tidal Thames and planned to get to The White Swan at Twickenham. If the resistance from the tidal flow was not too great, we would carry on and head for Richmond.

Trip to Richmond

The trip started off well and we managed to get a passage through the lock at Teddington by tailgating some RNLI rescue dinghies.

Our trip to Twickenham was not too difficult, so we decided to keep going until Richmond and then go to the pub there. On the way we were treated to spectacular views of Richmond hill.

Well maybe the crane spoilt it a bit!

Weighed down with a heavy Sunday lunch, we headed back towards Kingston. By the time we had left the pub, the river was in full flow (tide going out), but this was unfortunately not in our favour. It has to be said that we probably burned off all those calories on our return journey.