Canoe Adventure on the River Wey for Beginners 29th July 2017

posted 29 Jul 2017, 10:57 by Honorary Secretary
Eleven paddlers, two walkers and one dog attended an adventure on the River Wey, particularly designed for our 2017 canoe trainees. We paddled 2.7 miles upstream from Guildford to the Parrot Inn in Shalford, had lunch, and then paddled 2.7 miles back with the stream underneath us.

In addition to working on their paddling skills, the trainees had to learn how to 'portage' through the locks.

However, team leader, Kathy softened on the way back, and made Steve get out and let them through the final lock at Guildford. They seemed to prefer this method.

Yu and her Mum stoically carried Steve's kayak through the lock, for which he was very grateful!