Annual Minima Club Cribbage Tournament

posted 19 Feb 2013, 10:06 by Graham Morley   [ updated 19 Feb 2013, 10:06 ]
Blood on the Carpet
(a.k.a. "The Annual Minima Yacht Club Cribbage Tournament")

The 2013 Cribbage Tournament, organised by Pat and Les Rowlandson, took place on Saturday 16 February. Cribbage is a venerable card game played in pubs and clubs which combines the skill of play with the luck of the deal, is played solo or in pairs, and is scored using a small pegging board often known as a ‘crib board’. Your reporter turned up unannounced, intending to prop up the bar, but ended up making up a team.

Six teams of two took part, while Pat, Les and Erica played in a side game owing to some players being unable to turn up. We could definitely do with more players. Entrance was £2 per head. Tournament scoring was devised by Les, who supplied the score cards. Nibbles were served at the card tables, and the bar was strictly serve yourself, which we did. My favourite single malt Scotch is only £1-70 a shot, tastes superb and is 46% ABV (!)  And you wonder how I sleep at night.

Slanderous comments such as “You really are a cheat!” filled the air, along with loaded and barbed asides like “Whose round is it?”, “Who dealt me this rubbish?”, “Hurry up and lay”, “What’s in your box?”, “Leave his box out of this!”, and “Oh, no, not you again!”, as the card-playing partners moved around the tournament tables. The air was turned blue by such obscenities as “One for his knob.” And we all know what that means. Dead bodies were hidden under the tables and ignored to avoid holding up play. Only a bridge club could have been more vicious. Come to think of it, I could have sworn I saw someone wielding a club.

Tournament winners this time were Marie and Russell, who won two bottles of booze (er, that’s one each). Well done both, and well done Pat and Les for organising the fun. A proposal was made that the competition should be increased to twice a year, and this will be put to the Social Committee. Well, we all think it’s a good idea.

No photographs have been submitted to accompany this article, as it was thought that scenes of the battlefield were too gory for most members to stomach before the 9 p.m. high water mark.

Your intrepid roving reporter,
Andy Cuckson