AGM Highlights - 2014

posted 16 Feb 2014, 10:50 by Graham Morley   [ updated 16 Feb 2014, 10:53 ]
Despite the wet weather, there was a very good turnout for this important winter event. In a keynote of the Commodore’s Annual Report, Andy Banks reminded members that Minima Yacht Club is in its 125th year, and that the Club will be celebrating accordingly to make the year another great one. But other details of the report and the lively debate concerning the erstwhile Motion 2 are best left to the Club Secretary’s AGM Minutes! 

Even better was the presentation by the Commodore of the past year’s prizes for sailing from summer onward. Here’s a list of the First Prize winners in photographic order. Full results can be read either on the Club notice boards or in the Race Results section of the web site.

Summer Series
Photo 1            Paul Seamen (with various crews)        Minima Merlin Trophy
Photo 2            John Metzner                                            Tegumai Trophy (Solo)
Photo 3            David Cane (with various crews)          Enterprise Cup
                           (including Alex Cane, pictured)
Photo 4            Ed Mayley                                                   Admiral Hallowes Trophy (Handicap)

Wednesday Series
Photo 5            Denis Lockwood and Erica Bishop        Wednesday Handicap Plate

Saturday Pursuit Series
Photo 6            John Kemp                                                  Fair Average Cup

Autumn Series
Photo 7            Denis Lockwood and Erica Bishop        Merlin Challenge Cup
Photo 8            Alastair Banks                                            Hermes Trophy (Solo)
Photo 9            Andy Banks (with various crews) Enterprise Autumn Trophy, presented by Rear Commodore Kathy Collins
Photo 10          Ed Mayley                                                   Morris Trophy (Handicap) 
Photo 11           Alastair Banks                                            Prosser Cup (Personal Handicap)

Presented during the AGM proper was the Commodore’s Bowl, awarded for meritorious service to the Club. This year Andy Banks presented the Bowl to Rob Mayley, for his outstanding service in performing all bosun duties with great skill on countless occasions (Photo 12).

Many past Minima Yacht Club Commodores happened to be present, so a group photo was taken for the record (Photo 13). Pictured are, left to right, Alan Jales (1986-1988), (back row) Rod Morris (1989-1991), John Metzner (1997), Laurence Cox (1998-2000), Paul Seamen (2004-2006) and Denis Lockwood (2007-2009); (front row) Mike King (1992-1993), Pat Rowlandson (formerly Langley – 1994-1996), Vera Corner-Halligan MBE (2010-2012), and serving Commodore Andy Banks (2013-).

At the close of official proceedings, the bar was re-opened and members socialised as usual, helping themselves to the customary AGM buffet supper. Everyone is now looking forward to the Fitting Out Supper as a prelude to the new sailing season which starts in mid-March. Most importantly we hope to see you on the water, whether it be in a dinghy, a kayak or a canoe.

Andy Cuckson
(All photos by the author)

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