Club History pre WW1

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Racing Register 2/05/1896 to 19/10/1912 (Book 1)  - starts with racing taking place on the Kingston Reach  on 2nd May 1896. It includes a protest!

Five minutes after the sailing start a canoe race began, overseen by the same officer of the day. Only two canoes took part:


Racing also took place on 13th June and the 29th August at the Waterworks?

Minute Book 9/05/1896 to 10/03/1928 (Book 2)
The early Minutes in 1896 show that meetings were held at the Club House, Hamble and Central Head Quarters which was based at 1 Water Lane, Great Tower Street, London. There are also references to the Southend Branch, the Saundersfoot Branch, the Weymouth Branch and a letter seeking to set up a branch in Oxford - which was deferred.

The 27th June 1896 Minutes refer to: “Yachts hired by officers of the services quartered at Weymouth and Portland, also service yachts and boats, be permitted to sail in Branch races”….and “permission was granted provisionally.”

The first reference to Surbiton is on 15th September 1896 when 6 new members were elected:

“The election of the following gentlemen to the Surbiton Branch was duly confirmed….”

Another on 10th November 1896 refers to a letter from a Surbiton Branch Member “with reference to the manner in which the Races of that Branch had been carried out.”   This was raised with the Surbiton Branch who gave their side of the story which resulted in a letter minuted on 8th December 1896 to the complaining member which included……”the terms in which you have alluded to the officials of the Surbiton Branch as (to) their management of the Regatta of that Branch are quite unjustifiable, they are at once offensive, discourteous, and are prejudicial to the interests of the Club generally.”  Not surprisingly the member concerned resigned in March 1897!

On the 18th November 1896, the Annual Dinner of The Minima Yacht Club was held and at that point it had five branches: Darmouth, Saundersfoot, Southend, Surbiton and Weymouth.

A report in Yachting World includes:   “Admiral Hallowes enlarged on the magnitude which the club had attained, the number of members being now larger in comparison than any other club in the kingdom.”      

Cutting "The Yachting World" November 27 1896:

Racing also took place on 18th October 1896 – sailed in Kingston Above Bridge  “Wind light at start and very fitful. End of 3rd Round died away completely and Race in consequence had to be abandoned”. There was no more racing that year.  8 races are listed in 1897 variously at Waterworks, Kingston, Surbiton Promenade Reach, Lower Surbiton Reach…and the wind dying is mentioned on several occasions.  8 more races in 1898 all state Kingston as do 9 of the 10 races in 1899 – with one at Waterworks. 9 races were staged in 1900…..and so the Racing Register (Book 1) continued through to its last but one entry on 19th October 1912.  However, for some reason at the very end are the results of a race on 4th October 1930.   

In February 1898 The Club Rules were amended so that members from the Branches could vote at Central Meetings.  One vote per 50 members ….see scan of the copperplate writing of that era..

Minute Book for Head Quarters  1/06/1896 to 5/10/1900 (Book 3) – covers a mixture of Sailing Committee and General Committee Meetings that are not included in Book 2.  Also, on 13/01/1897 it is minuted that premises in Kingston were to be reviewed.

1901 Surbiton Division Fixtures booklet  


1893 House Rules


Minute Book   16/10/1903 to 12/01 1906 (Book 4) - this fits into the Book 2 Minute Book timescale and may relate to one person doing the minutes separately.  It does include that it is for the House Committee and starts with the Hon Sec instructed to purchase various items including a dust pan and brush and a teapot.  It finishes with a note of cash balance of £2.0s.0p.

1906 booklet - showing Divisions of Minima YC in Plymouth, Saundersfoot, Solent and Surbiton with the Central Committee based at 1 Water Lane, Great Tower Street, London EC.   It lists Members names, addresses, division and boat/canoe names.

Surbiton Division Minutes 11/10/1907 to 18/10/1912 (Book 5) – mostly Sailing Committee Minutes with a few General Committee meetings.

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