Molsey to Walton - 10th October 2009

posted 9 Jan 2010, 00:55 by Domain Admin   [ updated 9 Jan 2010, 00:59 ]
Debbie and I were the only takers for the advertised beginner’s trip up to Ravens Ait and back so we decided as we both had a glorious free day to be a bit more adventurous and put our kayaks on the roof rack of my Ford Ka and head for a different stretch of the river. We put Debbie’s smaller kayak on top of my wide cockpit dagger and tied both through the carry handles front and back to the roof bars and once over the top for security and they didn’t move a centimetre.

With the small car underneath we had no problem getting under the 2 metre height restricting bar at Hurst Park car park and we were soon on the river and making our way up stream past Hampton Sailing club and skirting the finish line of a youth canoe event.

Despite considerable rain in the week there was barely any stream to make against. We passed, on the Surrey bank,  Platts Eyot with it’s large semi derelict boat sheds  reminders of  a more prosperous and industrial history. On the next reach was Aquarius Sailing club, where autumn bonfires burned while club members worked on dinghy park clearance (watch this space for a date at Minima). Our leisurely progress brought us in time to Sunbury where we pottered round the back of Sunbury Court Island the river being pretty shallow in parts here. We resisted the draw of two pubs backing onto the river and pulled the kayaks up the rollers at the side of Sunbury lock. The water above the lock was glassy and still and we continued to make good progress. Between Sunbury and Walton there are several weirs on the Middlesex bank with interesting glimpses of a parallel but inaccessible water course. When we got to Walton Bridge we turned right for a brief exploration of the Marina before heading back to have lunch at “The Weir”. Fortified we made our way back to Molesy.